10 Tips for finding your Wedding Dress

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There is always a strange feeling to that moment when you find “The Dress”, it’s as if you can almost hear bells ring under the movement of a magic wand. It’s as if you see it written right in front of you: “This is the dress!”.
So here are some step by step recommendations for an easier fulfillment of that fun task: finding and choosing your wedding dress.

1. Begin searching for your dress at least six months before the wedding.
Of course, this is not a rule but a recommendation. Some boutiques do not have models in existence and it takes months to have them. You do not want to be caught desperately choosing and buying in a hurry. This is one decision that must not be taken hastily.

2. Look at magazines and many pictures on the internet… many!!!
It is important to have an idea of what you imagine yourself in. Always, the first thing they ask you is “What are you looking for? How do you want it? What do you like?”. If you need inspiration, you can visit our Bridebug site or our board on Pinterest, you will find many pictures of different models.

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3. Organize a day (or a few days) to visit several shops.
Do some logistics on boutique shop addresses to organize the route and make some calls asking their hours. Some boutiques will only see you after a previous appointment.

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4. When you visit the shops, wear comfortable shoes and easy to take off clothes.
Shoes and clothes that are easily removed are a must because there will be a lot of changing going on (preferably put on some laceless shoes). Epilate thoroughly and wear some nice and suitable for the constant undressing and dressing underwear, because that’s what you’ll be showing to a lot of vendors, hahaha. Also, try not to use makeup! You do not want to accidentally stain a really expensive wedding gown.

5. A second opinion can be very helpful
Actually, it’s a must. BUT it should not be someone who generally has a lot of influence on you. That is because if that person does not like the dress as much as you, you might agree too easily and miss the most important point here: You feeling well with your dress and yourself in it! Just make sure to go with someone who knows your tastes, your style and who can be constructive in their criticism.

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6. When you go out trying, try not to do it after eating
Because your belly will be swollen and dresses will neither stay nor feel the same.

7. When you try on a dress, you can always ask to see some veils with it.
That way you can make sure the set looks beautiful. Do that with all the dresses you try on (If you are into veils), so when you get excited with a dress it will always be under the same conditions. (Veil or no veil).

8. Look for a dress that favors your figure.
Try different styles and models to give you an idea what fits you best. In that sense get to know well your body type and what dress suits it best.

9. Try them all!
You are not obliged to buy, so you might just as well enjoy the experience! It may surprise you how some model you had not considered fits you. Remember it is a unique experience that will happen very fast, so take a deep breath and try on another, and another, and one more dress until that moment…

10. It is recommended that you take into account the venue, but…
There will always be someone who will tell you that if it is a beach wedding you must wear a simple lightweight dress and if it is night something with more precious stones on, and so on, and so on… We recommend: buy the dress of your dreams! You will only have one in your life! Choose the one that fills all your expectations, the one you will want to see in the photos in your living room, you feel is “THE DRESS” and in case you really need to take into account the environment check the local climate and the month of the wedding, but follow your dreams!

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