7 Tips on how to choose your Wedding Bridal Shoes

So you’re finally getting married and you have almost everything ready? You have chosen the dress, the church, the venue … But what about the shoes? Choosing the right shoe for last is a mistake many brides make and later lament.

Of course, you don’t have to make the same mistake and to help you with that we recommend these 7 tips on how to choose your bridal shoes.

First of all, you must always remember that your bridal shoes are that special element of a bride’s appearance that is directly related to the way you will walk throughout the ceremony, stop and take hundreds of pictures whit everyone and finally dance you  through the whole night. In the meanwhile they need to be beautiful and a perfect match for your wedding dress. That’s a pretty serious task, right?

So, where do we start from? There are plenty of models of bridal shoes, and also, some ideas that you really need to consider before choosing.

Photographed by Angelo Pennetta, Vogue Met Gala
1. Choose the shoes only after you have the dress. Most brides think that the dress is long and, therefore, the shoes won’t be seen most of the time… WRONG! There are hundreds of moments in a wedding day (and night) that the shoes WILL be seen, and pictures will be taken. Many pictures!

1-7-tips-Christian Louboutin heels via Elizabeth Anne Designs
Christian Louboutin heels via Elizabeth Anne Designs
2. Pay special attention to heel height. If it is true that usually a bride will never go flat, remember that you have to be comfortable, so we recommend a maximum height of 3 inches, that’s definitely something you can bear and endure all day.

1-7-tips-Sophia Webster Mila sandals via Viva Luxury
Sophia Webster ‘Mila’ sandals via Viva Luxury
3. Do not underestimate Quality. Choose the best quality available, flexibility, comfort, good materials matter a lot… You simply do not want to ruin your day for sore feet!

1-7-tips-Nude pumps via Style Me Pretty
Nude pumps via Style Me Pretty
4. Forget white! If your dress is not completely white and has some color detail dare to wear shoes to match that color!

1-7-tips-Converse sneakers via Bridelle
Converse sneakers via Bridelle
5. Check out all the alternatives before you make that final decision. There is always more than one option, apart from the typical shoe, nowadays there are sandals, boots, peep-toe, high heel and low. Sometimes Out of the Box mentality may be just your style!

1-7-tips-Floral platform heels via The Wedding Scoop
Floral platform heels via The Wedding Scoop
6. Now this is a real MUST! Don’t forget to use the shoes before the wedding. This maybe the most important advice so make sure to do some walking in those shoes. And not just the rehearsal. We mean walking. If you have to jump, just do it. Put on a playlist and do some dancing. Start with the slow songs and gradually dance yourself to some crazy rhythms. But before that, some 15 days before the wedding, use the shoes at home, half an hour every day, so the shoe will mold to your foot and not suffer the effects of the “new shoe wedding day”.

Source: stylemepretty.com
7. Finally, we suggest if the groom is not really high, do not choose heels that will make you exceedingly taller.

So, once again, if you’ve spent a year preparing for that wedding, you do not have to neglect any detail, let alone… the shoes. Remember the wedding is a one-time experience, and for some period of time it will even be your life and your dream!

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